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stage apeThe Ape CROSSFIRE... stage ape

New & Hot! 4 lens LED laser simulator.

Strobe effect. DMX in/out, 100 different stand alone patterns. 

256 Ultrabright 5 mm LED's. (red, blue, green, white)

7 channel in DMX mode.

Features include: Stand alone, sound active with a built in mic and sensitivity knob.

4 lenses, 2.5 inches in diameter. Less than 30 watt current draw. Dip switches to adjust features.

Unit size 29" x 6" x 3.5" and weighs 8.7 Lbs

Download the instruction manual HERE.

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Instructions for Operation:

Stand Alone Mode:

Set all the dip switches on the rear on of the unit to the OFF position. The light fixture will then run through it's automated programs.

Sound Active Mode:
Set dip switch #10 only to the ON position. This will activate the sound active mode for this fixture.
DMX Mode:

Set the DMX value for this light using dip switches #1-9 on the rear of the unit.

Channel #1           0     Off
                       1-254    Strobing from slow-fast
                          255    All on

Channel #2    0-255    Controls the red LED's

Channel #3    0-255    Controls the green LED's

Channel #4    0-255    Controls the blue LED's

Channel #5    0-255    Controls the white LED's

Channel #6    0-255    Patterns (will not work while channels 1-5 are on)

Channel #7    0-255    Pattern speed from fast - slow

How to use this light with the American DJ MyDMX software
Includes black power cord. cord
For information on the version of the CROSSFIRE sold PRIOR to August 2010, Click Here.

For information on the version of the CROSSFIRE sold PRIOR to August 2011, Click Here



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