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The Ape KODIAK...
DMX 750 watt strobe  

3 Channel DMX

Modes: Manual and DMX

Includes: 750w strobe bulb, 15 amp Long fuse. Power consumption 750 watts.

Unit size 15" x 9" x 5.5" and weighs 8 Lbs

Download Instruction Manual as a PDF file HERE.
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Instructions for operation:

Manual Mode:

Turn dip switch #10 to the "On" position. Control the strobe intensity and speed with the two knobs. The knob marked "Light" controls how bright the strobe's flash is. The knob marked "Speed" controls how quickly the strobe flashes at the set intensity.

With the speed turned all the way down the strobe will not flash. 

DMX mode:

Part 1(single strobe)

Turn just dip switch #1 on the first fixture to the "On" position. Connect the fixture to the DMX controller with a dmx cord. When the strobe is receiving a DMX signal the small green light to the left of the dip switches will be light up.

Slider #1 controls speed
Slider #2 controls intensity from dim to bright
Slider #3
    0-63 - A & B flash at the same time
    63-147- Only strobe A flashes
    128-191- Only strobe B flashes
    192-255- Strobes A & B flash alternately (one at a time)
Part 2 (2 strobes on one channel)

With 2 strobes lights you can use the A & B features this light has to offer. This feature allows you to alternate between fixtures or synchronize their flashes. Set both strobes dip switches to show just dip switch #1 on. Then with a controller you can use slider #3’s features to enhance your light show.
How to use this light with the American DJ MyDMX software Kodiak
Includes black power cord. CORD


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