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stage ape
stage ape The Ape TRAFFIX... stage ape
LED Flower light with 360 x 5mm LED's...

Puts out 8 banks of LED's for a huge coverage area.

Modes include: auto mode, sound active, DMX and master/slave.

3 channel DMX. Auto mode has a choice of speeds. Built in mic for sound active mode.

Power consumption 35 watts. 100,000 hour LED's.

Unit size 12.5" x 11" x 8.5" Weight 7 Lbs.

Download the instruction manual HERE.

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Instructions for operation:

Stand Alone and Sound Active Modes:

Press the function button on the rear of the light until the display reads 6-?. Use the up and down button to find the effect of your choice.

6-1 is sound active setting
6-2 is automatic mode (slow)
6-3 is automatic mode (fast)
6-4 is all LED's on
6-5 all red LED's on
6-6 all green LED's on
6-7 all blue LED's on
6-8 automatic mode (slow)
6-9 is closed/blackout 
DMX Mode:

Using the function button, press until A001 shows up on the display. Use the up and down button to give the light the value it requires in your DMX chain. If it is the first light in the chain set it to A001.

Channel #1 0-24 off
         25-224 cycle through it's programs
         225-255 all on
Channel #2 controls the speed of pattern change 0-255 (fast-slow)
Channel #3 Strobe 0-255 (fast-slow)
How to use this light with the American DJ MyDMX software

Master / Slave Mode:

Set the first fixture (master) in your chain to any auto or sound active mode. Connect the fixture using DMX cables. Set the second fixture (slave) to S-1-. Set that by using the function button until you see S-1-. This light is capable of have 4 slave settings. Use the up and down buttons to select s-1, s-2, s-3 and s-4. These setting will allow the light to do different programs and still linkup and do the same thing most of the time. S-1 will match exactly.
Includes black power cord. CORD

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